On my closed faced fishing reel, i reel, the spool spins but the line does not retrieve back to me, any comments or answers


8 Responses to “Why Doesn’t My Fishing Line Retrieve, But My Spools Spin?”

  • James W says:

    The line and the “line pick-up” for your spincast reel is not engaging. Use heavier test lines or manually apply pressure to the line while you retrieve. You could apply pressure manually by lightly pinching your line at the opening of the reel. I’d manually apply pressure to the line first. If you just changed the line very recently, I’d leave the line on the spool for several days. Sometimes, thinner lines with low memory doesn’t work too well with certain spincast reels. Give your line sometime to “take shape” on your spool might solve the problem. If you didn’t change your line nor put on new lines on the spool recently, then your reel probably needs to be cleaned or fixed.

  • Artie says:

    James is right there is a little pin that pops out on the bell inside a spincast reel and sometimes they stick and don’t pop out wash it with your wife’s toothbrush and some non abrasive soap and then a toothpick applied dollop of wd40 at the pin and in it’s little hole. also you pinch the line in front of the hole in the front pull the line out if it is freely coming out the ale is open close it with a half crank on the reel keep holding it and pull out as you reel it should come in if it doesn’t?

  • justinto says:

    hey you talkin about the whole push button reel. if so open the reel up and cut the line loose. retie your line with as tight if a not as possible. your line is not coming in because it is loose and the little arm of the side of the spool isnt touching the line. line is too loose. after you retie your ine put the face back on the reel pull your line tight and reel it in. man i hope that helps you a little. good luck good fishin be safe and remember to share the experience

  • catfishi says:

    There is a little button on the spool that is not popping out when retrieving. Inspect the spool carefully for obstructions on the pick up and cleanliness then use a drop or two of 3 in 1 oil and try reeling again.

  • KIKEENON says:

    I agree with the first poster it’s your line it’s loose and what it does it just spins on the reel sort of like a tire in mud spins but nothing to get a hold of just retie.

  • machman4 says:

    Odds are the line isn’t attached to the spool. Go in and take the line off by spooling it onto something else, then retie and reel in. If this doesn’t work, I can’t do much without seeing it.

  • Ryan D says:

    if you have a spinner reel try flipping the swich under the reel and see if that works.

  • cody says:

    ok your drag might be set way to loose so just tighten your drag