I was fishing with my girlfriend in Mississippi and she didnt have a license. SHe got a ticket so whats next? How much is the fine and does she have to come all the way to MS from Las Vegas where she lives to go to court? If she decides to not show for court and not pay he fine could she get pulled over in Nevada and arrested for Failure To Appear?


One Response to “Fishing Without A Fishing License In Mississippi, What Is The Fine For Out Of State Residents?”

  • OkieRoad says:

    Her ticket either has a fine amount on it, or a court date. Since you seem to be indicating it doesn’t have an amount, it sounds like she’ll have to go to court.
    The smart thing to do is to call the phone number on the citation and ask the person who answers the phone.
    If she didn’t appear, she would never have trouble unless she were pulled over in Mississippi.