For fishing reels, would WD-40 be as good a lube for a reel? there is a lube sold specificallly for reels, but I am just wonderinf if WD-40 will work just as well?


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  • caunltd says:

    NO - I have been rebuilding reels for years now, and I’ve tried using WD40 - both in my own reels and others….it doesn’t even come CLOSE to offering the performance and protection needed inside reels. I refuse to use it on reels because it only promotes a shorter lifespan and faster wear no mater where you put it in a reel.
    If you want to know how to lube your reel, post another question telling what reel you have, where you’re fishing (freshwater or salt). And I’ll tell you what you should be putting in it - and where to put it - and how to put it in.
    HAHA - I still don’t understand why people think WD-40 is a good lube. It’s not a LUBE. It’s a water displacer - hence the W.D. I know, I know…it has 2000 uses. Well, one of them SHOULDN’T be to lube reels.
    The only reason it works “like” a lube is that it sticks to parts and creates a small barrier between them. This DOES not make for a good reel lube. It offers NO grinding protection if applied to gears, it will actually promote the break down of other grease/oil inside the reel; it will bind up bearings over time because the film that is left from the chemicals will create a dry and tacky surface for dirt/etc to adhere to and stay within the bearings. Because there is no staying potential and “thickness” to WD40, there is no way it can stay and protect the races and balls and this will effectively shorten bearing life and hinder performance. The ONLY time that doesn’t apply is when a bearing is meant to run dry - ie. ceramics, which NEVER come standard in reels. They are a user upgrade only.
    I have used it to CLEAN reels and reel parts before, but there are MUCH better options out there that will not damage parts and won’t leave behind a counterproductive film.

  • Fisher_K says:

    Caunltd is right in many ways, (thumbs up).
    WD40 isn’t the best lubricant- Just like “E 85″ isn’t the best gas for your car or Fluoride isn’t exactly the best thing for your teeth & body. But, they are so “prevalent” and easy to find you tend to use them anyway.
    However, I’ve used WD-40 for years as a quick, minor lube and my FRESHWATER reels have not had any ill effects. But, I am also a “stickler” about keeping my gear in good working order; someone who only lubricates/greases their reels every 4-5 years would probably have a problem with WD-40. So, (in my opinion) it kinda depends on the “degree” of lube you plan to do & whether it’s a saltwater reel or a totally freshwater reel?
    As to SALTWATER gear?- I’ve only used WD-40 on the “outside” of my Saltwater reels and rods. I tend to use Blakemore Reel Magic and Penn Lubricant in a saltwater environment.……
    Bottom line??- Wd-40 is “ok” for a quick maintenance of a “totally freshwater” reel but for saltwater it (WD-40) should, (in my opinion), only be used on the outside surfaces of the reel.
    Hope this helps ya? Caunltd gets my vote for best answer, Thumbs up.

  • e.b. says:

    No…it’s a water displacer (WD)…not a lube. It’s great for cleaning old grease off of bearings, etc, though. It’s just not a proper lube. And as a solvent, it will effectively destroy the lubrication on critical, hard to reach parts. Use it at your own risk.
    Many reel parts, such as the shaft, only require a film of light oil. There are many light oils (not sewing machine oil) that will do the job.
    A few parts require grease, especially for reels lacking sealed bearings. Water repellent, medium grease can be found at auto parts stores in the form of “marine trailer bearing grease.” It’s formulated to protect moderate stress parts for a long time after repeated submersions in water. It will do anything the special lubes will do. If you have this on hand, use it and save some money.
    Don’t overlube your reels. Don’t lube parts that don’t require lubricants or shouldn’t otherwise be lubed. Contacting the site of the reel mfr is probably the way to go for technical help.

  • justinto says:

    hey man, yea it works pretty good. i dont believe that it is a good as some of the lubricants out on the market but it will work fine you will just need to apply it more often than the actual reel lubricants because it will evaporate quicker. wd-40 also works great for just cleaning the reel. after i go fishing in the saltwater i spray all my reels down to clean the salt out of the reels. man i hope this helps you out a bit good luck good fishin be safe and remember to share the experience

  • FishStee says:

    I ain’t no reel re-builder but, have been fishin’ for more years than SOME of these people on “Answers Fishing” have been dancin’ and when it comes to a quick job on a reel WD-40 be fine! Keep in mind that it is not meant ta’ be used on a regular basis and that the reel should be properly cleaned/oiled after a period of time, especially your Saltwater type ;)…< * ( {{ > <
    Note: By the way, just ta’ cover my a _ _ (if it need be?) ~ I ain’t no “Thumbs downer” ;)…
    Added: Oops, somebody forgot ta’ LIST Hardy FLYREEL’S phone number……

  • The Wormist says:

    just as an overall spray but not for general reel lube purposes. “rusty duck” is better.
    “hot sauce” from quantum is made specifically for reels, is VERY good, sticks to the bearings and metal parts.
    “ardent” makes a whole line of excellent reel care products. l use these.
    ardent makes excellent reels right here in the USA, in missouri.
    their reel care products are top of the line as are their reels.
    caunltd even gave y’all some eight hunnerd numbers. thumbs.
    l gave hotstuff a thumb up ’cause of the cute little hearts on her name.

  • Chimp dancer says:

    I whole heartedly agree with Caunltd on this one. Wd-40 is the worst thing to use as a lube. It’s great for stripping down a reel and displacing the water and sand but that’s about it. Maybe not all, I hear catfishermen swear that WD-40 is a great scent for big cats. I wouldn’t know, I never had the heart to pollute the waters I fish.~good luck catchin’.
    ~thumbs up Caunltd.

  • Shane says:

    I wouldn’t. I would get grease and oil specifically made for reels and lube it just like the instructions for the reel say. Grease it where it says grease and oil it where it says oil.

  • ♥--HotSt says:

    yes i use it!

  • mac says:

    Yes, nonetheless, reels are heavily lubricated and that lubrication should be enough for the life of the reel.