I want a really nice spincast reel. I want it to last a long time. And work really well. Price doesnt matter. Fishing is my life. Along with hunting. :)


7 Responses to “Whats The Best Spincast Reel You Know Of?”

  • Grand Master Basser® says:

    That I know of?
    None, I don’t use spincast reels.

  • unmamfql says:

    Abu Garcia is what I have always used and preferred. They seem to be more about their baitcasting setups but do have some nice spinning reels as well. I bought a very basic and cheap Abu Garcia spinning setup from Wal Mart probably 6 years ago and it is still used nearly everytime I’m out on the lake. Ever since I have only bought Abu Garcia products. They have great quality reels/rods along with a very reasonable price tag. I’ve now got an arsenal of Abu setups, 2 spinning setups and 5 baitcasting setups.

  • Nathan S says:

    I bought a Abu Garcia 276ui about a year and a half ago and love it. It works great and is tough. I have a bunch of other rods and reels and mainly bought this one to try my hand at trout fishing but have also caught crappie, smallmouth, and largemouth with it too. I paired it with a 6′ Berkley Amp spinning rod and works great. It is an underspin so its a spincast reel that fishing like a spinning reel.

  • Backwater Charlie says:

    Your “best” option for a Spincast reel is to buy a used, ORIGINAL, Zebco 33 from eBay. These will last a very long time. Make sure to find the best looking one you can find. They normally sell for only $15 - $25 on eBay. Only get the ones with the big screw on the side of them, they are the best ones like this one -…
    My dad used ‘em when he was just a little boy and hasn’t stopped using them yet. These reels are tough. No fancy things, just pure quality. The gears are made of 100% brass which is almost never saw in any spincast reels, especially new ones. He’s caught carp weighing 15lbs or more regularly with them. Fill it up with a quality 8lb or 10lb mono and it will do you a long, long time.
    The only spincast reels (in my opinion) that would come close to the original “33″ that is new is the Zebco Omega Z03 (almost exactly the same size as the original 33, and also has brass gears, just different looks) -… and the Daiwa Goldcast 3 -…
    The new Abumatic’s have mixed reviews, so I would go elsewhere if you want dependable quality in a spincast.
    If I were you, I’d go with the old 33 from eBay. It’s MUCH cheaper than the newer Omega/Goldcast 3, but will hold up just as good if not better. A popular match for this reel is a 5′6 pistol gripped rod, it’s what my dad has on his and most other people too.
    EDIT : Fisher_King I wasn’t thinking about the no replacement parts for the reel. But if you get one in good condition and don’t over work it I doubt you’d need new parts on it.
    I saw Woo Daves use a spincast on his video “Wormin’ with woo” when he pitched worms and whatnot under docks.

  • pike fisherman says:

    one of the best spinning reels on the market is pflueger trion or there president i have both and i have had the trion for over 5 years. I would suggest after you get one thought after every season take it apart and lube it it helps make it last longer and reel smother.

  • Jeb says:

    There ain’t no bad ones as long as you’re fishing. Wish I could go with you.

  • Dj says:

    anything zebco