The pond is about 100 yards long and 50 yards wide. It is 6-8 feet deep and has bass and perch in it but it is infested with fish eating turtles.


7 Responses to “How Do I Get Rid Of Turtles In My Fishing Pond?”

  • Alex says:

    If you know where the turtles like to bask, build a trap that you can place in the water. You can google around for the best ways to make one, but a quick and easy summary is that you’ll need four 2″ PVC pipes (about 2 feet long) with 90 degree connections to make a square. After you build that, use some chicken wire to build a cube to place underneath the PVC contraption and secure it with zip ties. Add pieces of wire on the outside so they have a ramp to climb on to the PVC pipe. Now you have a floating trap that is open on the top and enclosed on the sides and bottom by chicken wire. Place the trap where the turtles hang out, eventually they will climb aboard to bask in the sun, when they are startled or decide to plop back into the water, chances are they go into the deep side where there is no ramp (the inside of the square) and into the “box” where they stay until you pull the trap out of the water and relocate the turtles. Good luck!

  • thatsit says:

    You can get a barrel and cut in half and place rotten fish or scaps in the barrel Have a board leading up to and into barrel and when they come in to eat the waste food they fall in barrel and can not escape. Then you can dispose of the turtles. I have also weighted a barrel down where its just about 3 to 4 inches above the water line and works very nice. Then I just hauled most of them away and the larger ones were made into turtle soup. I figure they ate my fish I eat them. Good Luck

  • RedBird says:

    I agree with the .22 rifle method. Our pond is also overrun with turtles. If you’re in a rural area, trapping and releasing them elsewhere is not gonna work. I live in an area where many people have fishing and farm ponds. The turtles will migrate back and forth between ponds and streams. Just shoot ‘em.

  • Carol G says:

    You’d have to catch each one and find a new home for it. But then you would have prevent reinfestation..a fence perhaps. Maybe there is a turtle eating fish you could add to the pond,

  • SchoolCo says:

    Get a turtle trap. You can then make soup, give them away or let them go in another water source.

  • Nenya says:

    Don’t know as you can,once they set in. Do you like turtle soup?

  • michael p says:

    take a 22 rifle and have fun!