I have an old Edson 16 ft. fiberglass boat which has been converted to a fishing boat with 2 captain’s chairs. I want to add a bench seat to the boat to be able to take the kids out fishing too but am not sure how to attach the wood framed bench (which I am planning on making) to the fiberglass floor of the boat. Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions, etc. I would assume that I could attach a wood framed bench to the floor using fiberglass/resin but I don’t know how to do that. Is there an easier way?


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  • rubyred says:

    Quite easily,,, first, attach pieces of wood to the hull of the boat with fiberglass matt,cloth and resin. then, use stainless steel screws or lags to attach the bench to the wood. I recomend the stainless fasteners because they are just about rust proof.

  • FörtyTwö says:

    Are a number of ways that you can do. One that I have used is to make Fiberglass Stanchions. Use the old Wood Core method. Lay some 2×4 or firring strips in the places where the seats will need Screws or hardware, glue them in place. Then glass over them and make it look neat. Use a good wood, outdoor or marine grade. Then after glassing over the wood set the seat in and fasten it down.
    Look at good old boat or mother of all maritime links for more info. But that is the basic idea and I know it works becuase I have done it.

  • stewpid says:

    how about good old fashioned “L” brackets??

  • qvnsq says:

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  • snow says:

    You are right to assume you need to attach a stanchion to the fiberglass hull to support the bench,using fiberglass and resin.However…a well crafted wooden frame that can sit fairly tight within the hull to support the bench seat can work as well…assuming you dont go high speed or do tricky maneuvers.And it should pass water safety laws if installed properly and does not slip or move within hull…