Im wanting to get a good snagging rod and reel for like spoonbill and cat fishing. I dont want anything small i will be useing around 100lb+ braided line. I found this rod and reel i need to no if they would be any good for snagging and cat fishing. The Penn Special Senator reel the model 114H. Gear Ratio Line Rec. Reel Weight, 2.8:1 44 OZ. Line Cap, 50 LB/475 YDS. And the Ugly stick 12′xh 2 piece. 15-50lb line. I would rather have a open face, if some one could find me a open face that would be a good snagging reel leme know. THANKYOU


2 Responses to “Is This A Good Fishing Rod And Reel Snagging Combo?”

  • Fisher_K says:

    TOTALLY agree with Abalone.
    (Abalone, long time no see! I use to go by the Stop_Makin_Cents handle. They shut down 360 and I lost all my friends on-line, including you. Hope your still enjoying “taking care” of all those animals?email me if you get a chance. )
    UPDATE- I think the combo you mentioned would work well.
    The only other “inexpensive” Spinning reel that could handle the stress’s of snagging and large Catfishing would be a Fin-Nor OFS reel- here’s the addy-…
    I think your totally accurate looking at the Ugly Stik line of rods for what you want to use it for.
    sorry about the confusion. When I hear “snagging” I “cringe”.
    good luck!

  • abalone_ says:

    Snagging in most states is illegal, if your referring to large hooks that snag the fishes skin instead of the mouth. Most regs require you to take a fish by hook and line in the mouth. Snagging is cheating anyway, it means you do not have the skill to fish.